$46K Bounty Offered to Identify FTX Hacker

• Arkham Intelligence offers a bounty of 100,000 ARKM for information about the FTX hacker.
• The FTX hack resulted in the loss of over $415 million in cryptocurrencies.
• The US Department of Justice started a probe to identify those responsible for the hack.

Arkham Intelligence Offers Bounty for Identifying FTX Hacker

Blockchain analytics company Arkham Intelligence announced a bounty of 100,000 ARKM (the platform’s own tokens) worth $46,000 for anyone who can provide information about the identity of the hacker that compromised the now-defunct cryptocurrency exchange FTX. Participants need to deposit 10 ARKM to prevent spam submissions and the original depositor will get their money back if they are successful in identifying the hacker.

TheFTX Hack

In November 2022, representatives from FTX reported that their exchange had fallen victim to a hack resulting in the loss of over $415 million in cryptocurrencies — making it one of that year’s largest crypto hacks. Despite an ongoing investigation by the United States Department of Justice, no person involved has been identified yet. Users were asked to avoid updating their FTX smartphone application due to possible viruses lingering around at that time.

Bounty Details

To be eligible for collecting this bounty, users must identify “the person or entity behind the hack” and provide context through research and public information with cited sources proving their conclusion is correct.

US Department Of Justice Probe

When news first broke out about this incident back in November 2022, some were already speculating that it was an inside job — prompting an investigation by the US Department Of Justice soon afterwards. However, there has been no significant progress made so far towards finding those responsible for this attack despite authorities‘ efforts.

Advice For Users

Users were advised not to update their FTX smartphone app during these times due to potential viruses lingering around on its systems as well as ChipMixer being used by hackers which might have ties with government entities involved in money laundering activities involving hundreds of millions worth of stolen funds from this episode.